Comptroller evaluates to audit the resources of the National Assembly

logo-xPANAMA CITY.- The General Controllership of the Republic will evaluate realizing an audit to the National Assembly after the claims realized by the attorney Guillermo Cochez.

In a letter of May 30, the attorney requested to the controller an investigation to the assembly at the possibility that it had incurred in irregular use of the State resources.

In the letter, he asks to investigate the existence of contracts granted by professional services for persons who do not perform any type of functions.

He also talked about the existence of lease contracts of cars and helicopters and asked to decide if they were used for purposes of the National Assembly or for deputies’ political action.

He requested to investigate the existence of not governmental organizations that have been used to divert money of the National Assembly, and that are linked to deputies.

Finally, Cochez requested to look into the contracts granted to companies or persons linked to deputies.

«We inform that we will realize the necessary steps to, once reached the programmed audits and that are in execution, proceed to include your requests for consideration», indicated the general secretary of the Controllership, Carlos García Molino, in a note sent on July 12.

Panamá Today /Karina Lizcano / Wed, 07/20/2016 – 10:58